Glass Sliding Window for Versatile Concrete Foundation of Wooden Mansion

Glass Sliding Window – When building a rectangular mansion with the glass sliding window, concrete foundation is the sturdiest main foundation for such building. Concrete material is also very delightful because it can be easily molded into any forms. Thus, instead of having sturdy house foundation, by using concrete material, even house foundation can be molded delightfully.

Glass Sliding Window for Versatile Concrete Foundation of Wooden Mansion

Below, there are some versatile pictures of embossed concrete foundation. Usually, for modern house design, main foundation is covered by soil or other material. However, designing embossed foundation can be an artistic idea for exterior design. Since then, designing exterior part of a modern house can be applied by embossing concrete foundation trough ground or other material. In addition, concrete material is very suitable to be applied along with other natural furniture, such as wooden floor or even glass sliding window. Concrete foundation just perfectly matched to be applied as main foundation of a rectangular mansion.

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Even more, wooden material is used for shutter in upper floor of this rectangular mansion. Thus, concrete foundation just made a perfect impression of a wooden shutter. Moreover, wooden material which is used for main upper floor shutter has authentic pattern of a natural material. All of this natural material just perfectly applied for rectangular mansion. Indeed, open space which is also made from concrete material is used as playground and family open room. For other occasions, this open space in the attic can be used to outdoor camping ground.

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Briefly, instead of very sturdy, concrete material is the lavish material which will make exterior design of a rectangular mansion will be looked so versatile. Moreover, concrete material is also very suitable to be used as main surface floor of outdoor furniture. Thus, for those who want to build rectangular mansion, this minimalist embossed concrete foundation with the glass sliding window can be applied for that building so that exterior design of rectangular mansion is so bewitching.

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