Bar Counter Designs for Homes

Bar Counter Designs – Interior Design Pictures Many homes now have a bar countertop, also known as a wet bar. This feature is common inside game room in addition to dens for interesting guests. The bar countertop designs for homes give a cozy region for guests to sit plus enjoy a drink whilst talking with their host. It may frequently become the center of social activity, thus shape the bar countertop with this in your mind.

Bar Counter Designs for Homes

Classic Bar Counter for Home

Bar Counter Designs for Homes: The Ideas Counter Shape Ideas – Typically, a bar countertop is directly plus brief. It is usually nestled inside the corner of the space, with area along 1 side for slipping inside back. The front of the countertop is framed, usually with an starting archway. But, the countertop refuses to have to fit this shape. Make a bar countertop L-shaped for more seating room, or consider a dramatic, curved bar countertop which bows out into the entertainment area. It is completely open above, creating a more spacious ambiance. Use granite to provide a bar counter a higher priced look.

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Counter Workspace Tips – Consider the structure of the workspace whenever installing the bar countertop. Bar counters usually contain a stainless steel sink, cabinets along with a tiny fridge. You are able to install cabinets inside many places besides only under the countertop. Attach a row of cabinets over the back wall or found on the back side of the archway over the countertop. Add a next countertop over the back wall to offer extra workspace along with a area to display a decanter set.

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Counter Appearance Tips – For more of the pub appearance, hang the wine glasses within the ceiling utilizing racks. Built-in wine racks are a decorative plus luxurious addition to any bar countertop. Wine racks fit well over the back wall plus look wise over a next countertop. Utilize a dark stain for a classy appearance. Custom builders could create a cabinet plus wine rack topper over any countertop.

Resin-Finish Novelty – Bar countertop designs usually have more of the novelty element for them than a kitchen countertop. Take benefit of the by adding several whimsy to a shape. Look for anything you’d like to create an eye-catching pattern plus consistency with. You are able to lay pennies found on the countertop, classic postcards or magazine pages, pressed flowers, candy wrappers or tree divisions, for a bit of nature inside a bar location. Chosen goods are accumulated till we have enough to pay for the whole bar region. If you do, we glue them right down to the countertop side by side. Many goods, like pennies, might nevertheless show pieces of countertop, thus consider painting it a desirable color when this really is the case. A resin plus marine-grade polyurethane (2-parts resin, 1 piece polyurethane) mixture is carefully poured over the best to encase the products plus provide the bar a glossy finish.

Lux Kitchen Bar Counter for Home

Marble – For a classic plus distinct-looking bar countertop, employ Italian marble. It adds an element of classic elegance plus could lighten up walls or perhaps a bar face with darker finishes. It additionally makes for easy cleaning, plus we constantly have an region to cut a lime about. Pair it with commercial steel barstools to provide this neutral shape a burst of bright color.

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Lux Kitchen Bar Counter for Home Bar countertop designs Make a bar countertop L-shaped for more seating room Classic Bar Counter for Home Interior Design Pictures


Stainless Steel – This information is preferred for a few of the same factors because the marble. It delivers a clean, smooth surface. You are able to clean it conveniently plus completely. Utilize it to bring a clean, sleek look to bars with all-natural lumber encounters or inside a space with bamboo or alternative light lumber chosen inside the moulding, floor or ceilings. You are able to repeat the stainless steel behind the back countertop to lighten the space more.

Soapstone – If you desire anything which looks elegant yet to conveniently keep, search for soapstone. It only needs a wipe with mineral oil once a month, plus there are free of those “counter casualties” by sanding down deep scratches, keeping the countertop brilliant for longer. Accent a dark hue with bold-colored or antique-white cabinets.

Whether we have a little wet bar inside the house or perhaps a greater, full-size bar, the bar countertop designs for homes could have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the entire bar location. Choose a countertop information that’s convenient to wash plus keep however which creates a graphic centerpiece for this spirited location.

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