Apartment Building Construction for Overlooking Great Panorama

Apartment Building Construction – Situated in Cape Town, South Africa, this apartment building is a masterpiece from Antoni Associates with the apartment building construction. This building is completed in 2012 using the luxurious design with a stunning panorama right on the front on it. It’s called as the Clifton View 7. With the fancy color style and modern architecture style, this apartment is visualizing the dream apartment that will always make you get new refreshment.

Apartment Building Construction for Overlooking Great Panorama

The exterior design of the apartment building construction is adopting the contemporary building design. It has nice large windows on each unit that will bring a good lighting setting and bright panorama from the outside. Because of the sloped terrain, this apartment is following its land texture in such a stair design. It has a calm situation with the natural breezing air from the seashore. Of course, you will get some enjoy and relaxing situation.

The interior design of this apartment is also no less interesting. You can see a wooden structure is covering the interior. It brings some chic and cozy nuance with the nature sensation. The glass railing on the staircase brings elegance on this house. There is a beautiful lighting setting on the ceiling. It comes with the bright neon using the obscure yellow color. Move to the bedroom unit, you will get a compact and beautiful bedroom with the great view from this apartment. Well, the designer is trying to bring the sweet horizon to accompany you while you’re dreaming on your cozy bedroom.

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Nothing to say except excellent for this apartment. It has a good design with some beautiful accent layer on each side of it. The large pool with the large terrace is also built on the second floor. You can enjoy the apartment situation with high African nuance on here. Enjoy this apartment building construction for flooring installation and share your thought about it.

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